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Tired of wanting to watch your favourite artist’s music videos only to find out the site is blocked or not available in your country. Our Proxy enables users to get round both of these issues by unblocking sites like YouTube or Dailymotion and changing your geographic location to the USA. So simple to use either type the web site in the white url bar or use the quick links below the url bar.

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Unblock Sites with video proxy

Most users are blocked from accessing certain websites either at home, work or college. This can be due to web filters or policy’s being applied by Government or ISP's a lot of enforcement comes from the government. VideoProxy enables users to browse the internet without these restrictions, Video Proxy acts as a middle man by retreating the site and displaying it to you the user. We try to make sure our users can unblock sites like YouTube and Facebook with speed, including other video sites.

Proxy Site

Encryption for all Proxy websites - SSL

VideoProxy is an optimized proxy solution to enable users to unblock sites with tight security in mind using SSL 256 bit encryption. Data that is transmitted between the user and videoproxy web server is secure during transmission, this enables the user to stay anonymous and helps to by pass web filters. We also try to remove JavaScript from sites where possible to stop annoying popups or adverts, We do add our own as this kind of service does cost in resources and bandwidth but we try to keep the ads minimalistic.

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Hide your IP

VideoProxy enables users to access all websites with complete privacy. When accessing websites via our web proxy your real IP address and geographical location is hidden from the web site server. All traffic is routed via a secure 256 bit AES encryption connection keeping all transmitted data fully secure helping the user stay anonymous.

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Stream Music and Videos without any limit

VideoProxy has been designed to be a fully functional video unblock proxy enabling users to unblock video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and much more.Our VideoProxy has been made to work with desktop and mobile devices in mind to enable users to watch videos on the go.

Unblock YouTube, watch videos anywhere, anytime

VideoProxy enables users to unblock YouTube and let them watch videos on the go by also enabling mobile devices to work with our Video Proxy. We offer a fast, reliable and secure service to all of our users around the world. Watch YouTube videos in high definition while also bypassing filters and geographic location restrictions. Our Proxy fully supports Vevo and other popular channels on YouTube, we hope you enjoy using our free video proxy service please feel free to share our website.